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Learn about strategies you can use to get published - easier and sooner.




A recent review of literature on getting published in scholarly journals found that there are steps many authors can take to improve their chances of being published. Targeting an editor and journal is becoming the top new strategy. Contact us to learn about the review and about other strategies many authors can use to improve the odds of getting into print sooner and more easily.



Or for Business?

Understanding how people use written material is one of our strengths. Knowing what words and word combinations will give the greatest influence comes from experience in psychology and ergonomics - knowing a little bit more about what people often do.

The goal is for readers to favor your message.







First Contact English,

our new text for our course "English for Receptionists". Click here to learn about the course and to see a sample of the text.









Jonathan Stubbs

J Stubbs English Editing

Rågvägen 13

954 32 Gammelstad


+46 920 251778

+46 70 2481966

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J Stubbs English Editing


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Educational material


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Identifying appropriate journals

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We Use the Strategy of Targeting

Targeting is used to determine the particular kind of English writing needed by a customer - what wording will cause readers to react positively to the message.

Call to discuss your needs; initial consultation is always without cost.

The accompanying pages have writing samples and information about different services. Copies of past publications, samples, our newsletter and short articles about writing in English may also be found on this site’s other pages.



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American Medical Writers Association



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