Do you have a journal article or other important document that needs to be in English?

Maybe you’ve not done a lot of writing in English. Writing English is not easy. But when you are going to communicate with people around the world it is often necessary to use English.

Writing in your language and hiring someone to translate it into English is a possibility. Sometimes this is the best strategy – no time is spent trying to figure out how to write something in English. If you’re writing instructions, or a similar document, a translator may be a good solution.

Writing that uses special words or terms, or that reports on research, can be harder to translate. Words or combinations of words can have many different meanings and are easily misinterpreted.

The services of a good “Author’s Editor” is the solution when you are writing an original article in English. You will get the support needed to transform ideas rather than words.

For what other reason would using an Author’s Editor be a better choice than using a good translator? An Author’s Editor looks at your article as a completed work made up of information, ideas and conclusions. This person makes recommendations about your writing that you can use or not use. Using this strategy you’ll have been writing in English. You’ll have had feedback useful for building your writing skills. It is like having a tutor who helps you to develop your own effective writing style. An Author’s Editor is a very specialized kind of coach or trainer who draws upon language skills and knowledge to find the right wording.

Independent Author’s Editors have been offering their services since the 1970s to academic authors, researchers and scientists writing journal articles. If you would like to learn more about this resource, look up author editing, editing, language professional or  developmental editing in Wikipedia.

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